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Device Management Gateway

Device Management Gateway is our latest interface offering designed to be fully web enabled. It is built on Microsoft's .NET Core and includes an always running, background scoped processor, an API for receiving clock communications and multiple WEB pages for monitoring and administration of the interfaces. The background processing engine is backwards compatible to our PDC Gateway systems but now has very fast interfacing capabilities built right in. These include native API interfaces for Kronos Workforce Ready, INFOR WFM and PeopleSoft. These cloud systems can be fully integrated with 4500 or inTouch model Kronos clocks as well as others via a local server running the Device Management Gateway software. Our WEB based time clock management tools have been deployed for over a decade and are very user friendly.

Released early 2020, this product is now running in many large environments handling many thousands of transactions per day. If your company or other environment is looking to keep your Kronos clock investment and still be able to move to a cloud based system, give us a call. We can help make that happen in a fast, cost effective way. Our proven solution is seemless and transparent to the end users. It provides all functionality that is available in your current system including Smart View pages on the clocks. This allows for real-time access to the cloud data on the time clocks. For example, buttons can be provided for viewing and submitting timesheets, Job and Cost Center labor transfers and Accrual Balance displays. For more information, please contact us today at

UPDATE (October 2022): Device Management Gateway now supports more back-end systems. These include systems from Legion, ADP and Oracle HCM. For more information, please contact us today at, or ask the sales representatives from any of these companies.

 PDC Gateway Server

PDC Gateway is an interface platform specifically designed to interface time collection devices and software to SAP or other systems. The interface solutions are built and maintained with the included PDC Gateway Monitor tool described below. This allows for a very flexible system which can accommodate a wide range of applications. It is delivered with many common interfaces pre-built and ready to plug in. These include SAP interfaces for PP-PDC, PM-PDC, HR-PDC and CATS to name a few. There are also interfaces for Kronos products including Kronos Workforce Central and Kronos Workforce Activities as well as direct interfaces with Kronos clocks. Other manufacturers� time clocks are also supported. The PDC Gateway uses published APIs for Kronos interfaces and SAP IDOCs via ALE and BAPIs for near real-time interfaces to SAP. It supports cancellations for PP and PM confirmations out of the box. Contact us for more information on how we can help you tie your collection methods into SAP to streamline your data acquisition process.

PDC Gateway is now shipped with a new service that collects punches from various online time collection devices. Clocks can be set to "collect" and send the punch data to this service. Once collected the punch data can be automatically formatted into the required output. This could be a flat file or an SAP IDOC sent via ALE. There is also a CATS module available for sending punches to SAP CATS via BAPI function calls.

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PDC Gateway Monitor

The PDC Gateway Monitor is a powerful development platform for building robust solutions for the PDC Gateway Server. This tool replaces the Business Gateway Developer and includes all of the features of that software combined with the previous features of the Gateway Monitor. Packed with powerful graphical tools for building PDC Gateway projects, the PDC Gateway Monitor also supports VB.NET and C# based internal scripting languages for unlimited power and functionality. Graphical toolsets include drag and drop mapping and process or field level script editing tools. Kronos API structures are available at the click of a button for data mapping purposes.

The PDC Gateway Monitor also includes many monitoring and maintenance features. At a glance the user can tell what processes are running and the status of each data queue. There is also easy access to the various logs for greater visibility of ongoing processes. By combining the Developer and the Monitor tools into one, an interface designer can quickly make changes and see the immediate results.

The latest version of the PDC Gateway platform now includes direct clock communication management tools. The clock screen provides easy maintenance and configuration of Kronos 4500 clocks as well as the older 400 series clocks. A clock can be created and assigned to a specific group. It can then import configuration settings from XML files or from other clocks. There is a "WYSIWYG" viewer to preview what the clock buttons will look like based on the configuration files and an easy editor to make modifications. All of the expected functions are available for handling each clock like initialization, time set, report queries, etc.

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