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Corporate visibility is achieved through business integration. The PDC Gateway™ is a robust and proven integration platform for today's demanding business requirements that provides real-time integration solutions across enterprise systems. With native SAP® communication out of the box, the PDC Gateway™ offers a framework to connect SAP to other systems via a wide range of methods.  Drag and drop mapping is included to other systems such as Kronos Workforce Timekeeper, Activities, iSeries and even direct communication to Kronos clocks.  Other systems and clocks can also be connected using industry standard protocols or custom methods.

The PDC Gateway™ is fully scalable and customizable. In any integration scenario, PDC Gateway™ supplies a powerfull and robust toolset of graphical mapping, translation, reporting and scripting utilities for use in translation and functional aspects of any given interface. The PDC Gateway™ scripting environment utilizes the power of standard languages, including VB.NET and C#, to enhance integration points in a process or field translation level. Executing at run-time side by side with configured mapping, the PDC Gateway™ can easily handle even the most complex business solution requirements.


Native SAP® Communication

One of the robust and key signature offerings of the PDC Gateway™ is it's native SAP® communication capabilities. SAP® functionality accessible via BAPIs, RFCs, and IDocs can be made accessible to other systems over the Internet or internal networks via any of the PDC Gateway™ supported formats, such as XML. Available connections include customer enhanced and custom interfaces that have been created within SAP®, in addition to the standard connections.

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Native Kronos® Communication

PDC Gateway™ is delivered with a full set of preconfigured interfaces to the popular Kronos Workforce Timekeeper and Workforce Activities applications. These interfaces are based on Kronos published API's as well as database views. Some of the included interfaces are Employee posting, Activity postings and Activity Event capture (for use as SAP PP confirmations).  There is also an included certified HR-PDC interface for use with the Kronos 4500 timeclocks.

Pre-configured solutions

One of the robust and key signature offerings of the PDC Gateway™ is its rich set of included pre-built interfaces for common scenarios. These serve as a starting point to solve almost any possible requirement. The included PDC Gateway Monitor Tool can be used to modify the supplied base point and customize the solutions to each individual environment.  So out of the box the PDC Gateway interface can capture SAP IDOCs sent via ALE and convert the master data contained in them to API posts for Employees, Operations (Activities), Work Centers and Cost Centers (Labor Levels) etc.  It can also capture or extract punch or timecard data from the Kronos software and convert it to SAP formatted IDOCs for upload (via ALE again) or to be used in BAPI calls directly into SAP.  These can be near real time interfaces that handle changes in both systems.

Multithreading High Data Volume Capability

With a ten year plus track record in fortune 500 enterprises, the PDC Gateway™ platform has developed into a stable secure solution for large, data intense, environments. One PDC Gateway™ server can support multiple plants with multiple Kronos and SAP systems. Each process runs in it's own space independent of others and therefore can be scaled up to handle many simultaneous processes.

Native Kronos® Clock Communication

The PDC Gateway™ platform has a set of tools included to directly communicate with Kronos clocks. All of the features that the clocks are capable of are supported by the latest PDC Gateway™. This includes initialization via database or xml file data. All internal master data can be sent manually or automatically to different clocks based on criteria such as plant or cost center values. So a typical scenario would be to receive employee master data via an automated (ALE) SAP "mini-master" IDOC and transform those records into XML updates posted to the correct clocks for each employee. Clocks can be managed within the tool to add them to groups and send commands like start punch collection or time set. The punches are collected in either "on-line" or "batch" methods by the included punch collection service(s). Collected punches can be automatically formatted into SAP IDOCs for upload into HR-PDC time events or they can be sent to SAP CATS in real time using the included BAPI interface. Biometric data can also be captured from 4500 clocks with fingerprint readers. This data can be stored in the interface so it is available to reinitialize clocks if required. Punches can be validated using this fingerprint data if configured to do so. No Kronos software is required to do any of the clock transactions mentioned above.

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